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GenGen custom name generator for iPhone
GenGen is a multi-purpose custom text generator which gives the user flexibility to generate their own phrases with their own words and rules in their own language.

Development Environment:
IOS, XCode

✓ generate passwords, company names, domain names, nick names, character names, fun phrases
✓ or use your imagination to build anything else!
✓ generate millions of different phrases even if you don't add your own words because it comes with a list of categories, words and rules ready to run
✓ remove or add categories, words and rules to create your own phrases with your own language
✓ add the phrases to your favorites
✓ share the fun with your friends by sending your favorite phrases as an email
✓ delete list items you don't want anymore by sliding your finger over the row

Download it for FREE:
download GenGen custom name generator on the iPhone app store